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Rose Cut Black Diamond Ring

Rose Cut Black Diamond Ring

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This is a gorgeous Rose Cut Black Diamond bezel set, with brilliant cut white diamonds set either side in Platinium. The ring is made from 18ct Rose Gold all with a satin finish.

Diamond - Black Rose Cut, 10.3mm x 8.8mm, 2.85cts. Diamonds on shoulders total 0.5cts and measure 4mm each.

Dimensions 2.5mm D shape band

Available in K to P other sizes please choose 'other size' and add it to the notes or contact me for enquires.

Diamonds are made from carbon with the atoms arranged in a crystal structure. Diamonds have the highest thermal conductivity and hardness of any natural material. different impurities play out in different colours, for example; blue diamonds are from boron and yellow from nitrogen. They from deep in the earths mantle and are brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Diamonds can boost confidence and rejuvenate physical health. 

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