Ami Blastock, drawing inspiration from her travels and love for the ocean, breathes life into her creations that transcend the ordinary to the extraordinary. Infused with timeless allure, her designs capture the essence of natural beauty.

With an unmatched mastery of artisan hand-craftsmanship and a dedication to traditional techniques, Ami meticulously crafts each original piece. Her exceptional knowledge guides the selection of precious and semi-precious materials, chosen personally to ensure every creation is a masterpiece.

From her UK studio to the shores of Grenada, where she collaborates with her partner in restoring a 1970s sailing boat, Ami's journey fuels her designs. The vibrant beaches, marine life, and rich culture of Grenada infuse color into her creations. Working predominantly with 18ct gold, alongside silver and an array of gemstones, each piece is a unique testament to Ami's artistic vision—a tangible memory for both wearer and onlooker alike.




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10am to 4pm Monday to Friday
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