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Chunky Black and Gold Paperclip Chain

Chunky Black and Gold Paperclip Chain

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This super handmade paperclip chain is a classic piece! Made of recycled sterling silver links featuring a single 18ct recycled yellow gold link, this chain is not only a super hot look right now but also an investment in quality that will last. These unique chains are beautiful as chokers or any length you desire. Very durable and perfect for everyday wear or layering. The minimalist, modern look of black silver and yellow gold is always a statement!


This chain is handmade with .925 pure recycled sterling silver and 18ct pure recycled yellow gold. It is not plated, but solid silver and gold. It will last a lifetime and still be beautiful. It will not cause skin irritation like some imitation silver.

Chain: measures 19 inches but wears like 18 inches

Links: 23 mm long x 5 mm wide, rectangular links, also referred to as paperclip links
Clasp: .925 sterling silver hidden hool clasp, a very secure clasp which can connect to any link.

Retail price £465

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