The design process...

The design process...

This blog is more of a visual one... I spend a lot of time designing, whether it is for stock, a one of a kind piece or designs for customers upcycling or a special ring...

Photo credit Rebecca Douglas Photography

I wanted to share some of these sketches, the starting point of my designs..... it all starts with a drawing!  And ends... at a gorgeous piece of jewellery especially made for you! Keep scrolling...



An upcycling joining the ring shown to the bracelet with a personal initial link.


The original drawing for the Jewellery for good bracelets


Sometimes a quick sketch is all that is needed to confirm n idea, 9ct gold fern earcuff.


My original sketches can be just the starting point and designs can be developed to get the exact piece that you love! An alexandrite engagement ring in white and yellow gold.


Sometimes I sketch so many ideas, but they are worked through and made a piece at a time, upcycled gold and jewels into earrings, and still working through the rest of the designs


A sketch to help understand the size of the diamond compared to the rest of the ring.


Upcycled gold and gemstones to create a sentimental piece


Sentimental gold passed down and turned into a ring that can be worn everyday.


Mothers jewellery, passed down and made into something more modern and wearable


Bigger diamonds were wanted for the ring which meant it would need a slight remodel.....


A simple sketch to clarify the ideas been thrown around for an upcycle of an engagement ring and eternity band combined.


The customer wanted a coloured image to help her decide which way to go....


An odd gold and smoky quartz earring, turned into a ring, if you don't want another pair then this is a fab idea for that odd earring.


Upcycled gold for 3 daughters, the designs were to be similar but not matching

And finally, sometimes I don't actually draw the sketch, the customer does... Do you think I captured the essence of the drawing well?

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