A Royal engagement....

A Royal engagement....

With the Royal Wedding in a matter of days I think it would be rude not to mention it.... The story of where and how the ring came about is lovely! And trust Prince Harry to get it right every step of the way!!

The happy couple, soon to be wed


Trust popular Prince Harry to get it just right. The engagement ring he presented to Meghan Markle makes the perfect combination of classic and new with a mixture of traditional British, and a dash of diversity. The centre stone comes from Botswana. The country holds a special place in the hearts of the happy couple, but more importantly it has been the country’s diamond trading and manufacturing (De Beers moved their sorting and sales office to Gabarone in a joint venture with the Botswana government) which has lifted the country out of poverty, improving literacy, education and healthcare for the nation. If you’re looking for sustainably-sourced stones, this would be about as ethical as you can find.

The gorgeous and sparkling engagement ring

Standing shoulder to shoulder alongside are the heartfelt additions of diamonds apparently taken from an old brooch of his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales on the 20th anniversary year of her death. He took them to Cleave and Company Court Jewellers, only a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, which prides itself on its rich heritage, using traditional goldsmithing skills. And it suits her. Much like the engagement ring the Duke of Edinburgh designed around a diamond taken from his mother Princess Alice of Battenberg’s tiara, Markle can wear this ring every day like her future grandmother-in-law. Its simple setting in gold isn’t flashy nor does it come with connotations of bad karma such as the 19.77-carat emerald given to the Duchess of Windsor -thought to be bad luck for an engagement ring due to the gemstone’s fragile nature. Removed from their original setting, these diamonds have been renewed by the positive nature of the recycling. Another ethical box ticked.

The Queen at the Epsom Derby in 1962 wearing the Cullinan V Heart brooch.
True love and romance are visible and made solid by the bespoke gold and diamond circle - he didn’t buy a ring off the peg at Garrard like his father for his first marriage - but followed in the footsteps of the Duke of Edinburgh, who recently celebrated his platinum wedding anniversary, choosing the stones and taking part in the design process which bodes well for their future.
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