Jewellery for good

Jewellery for good

A little fact about me.... I love the two D’s in life (Diamonds and Dogs). As a creative, goldsmith and an animal lover I wanted to do something to help and giving back to the community that I love has always been significant.... So I’m supporting a local charity with jewels.... I adopted my dog Otis over a year ago from a local charity Angels 4 Dogs. 


They work so hard at the charity to find forever homes for so many dogs that have had a horrific start to life! I haven't got space for another dog so what better way to support them than with jewels!

Some of you may have noticed this range has appeared on my website already but for those who have missed it..... the bracelets have a little sterling silver ball of hope and each one can be personalised with an initial or number... maybe your dogs initial... All profits go to the charity and will help towards vet bills, food bills and keeping the dogs happy!! Wearing the bracelet is an act of giving a ball of hope and your chance to make a difference. You can see the range here


The bracelets available here

My beautiful dog Otis from Angels 4 Dogs

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